Maps in the News, Somerville, MA

From – Satellite imagery brings Somerville planners to new heights

I live in Somerville (and I love it), and I really hope that the city planners only use this for demonstration or decoration purposes.  This is a very technology forward city that is fairly active in collecting and analyzing data to improve functions and services within the city.

The mayor should open a mapping challenge (similar to what the MBTA has done), releasing the non-sensitive data collected by the city and along with data collected from other organizations.  They should then encourage residents and organizations to develop a series of community driven map mash-ups and applications that can be used for anything from neighborhood development, planning purposes, analyzing city ordinances, or finding access to any number of city services.

With the number of mapping and technology gurus in this city I think you would see some awesome results.   I know I have a few ideas!

Side note: This would be a great topic/workshop for an Ignite event or a Wherecamp…