Upcoming GIS Conference – Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis

I will be attending Harvard’s Center for Geographic Analysis annual conference as an interested spectator this Friday and Saturday, May 6th and 7th.  This year’s conference is focused on the future of web-mapping and geo-collaboration.  Reading through the program it looks like there will be a number of very interesting talks and demonstrations.

From the program:

“This two-day conference will bring web-mapping experts from across the country to Harvard to share their knowledge and experience, and to envision what lies ahead. Speakers will introduce ideas, systems, tools, and visions, and present case studies and discuss challenges. Some will offer live demos and hands-on training. This conference provides a forum for geospatial technologists, developers, academics and end users to engage in dialog and help shape the future of geospatial technology on the Internet.”


I am interested in seeing what the world of online mapping is to people who aren’t like me, a trained GIS geek.  Because, let’s face it; many new and innovative web-mapping tools don’t come from geographers, but people who have a particular problem and a new way to solve it.  I am hoping to tap into the web-mapping mojo that will be in abundance at the conference and perhaps incorporate some of the ideas into my current projects.

It looks like registration is still open for the conference. If you are in the Boston area on Friday and Saturday and want to be on the cutting edge of web-mapping and geo-collaboration this could be a great conference for you!