Transparency Slider Page Updated

One of the biggest traffic drivers to my site, according to Google Analytics, are people interested in using a transparency slider for use in Google Map Mash-Ups.  With this in mind I gave a quick update to my current transparency slider page that was inspired by a project by Klokan Petr Pridal.  He has done a lot of great work in regards to the use of outside data sources in Google Maps.  The demos on his website have been used in countless mash-ups. If you have a few minutes check it out.

The updated page uses a USGS topographic map layer from Microsoft Research Maps and overlays it over a Google Map.  The Microsoft Research topo maps have a quirky loading scheme, which may leave a tile empty, every now and then.  Once the user pans or zooms on the map the tiles reload and everything should be in view.  Again, I’m not helping my position in my previous post. This code was originally developed using the V2 lineage of the Google Maps API, which has since been depreciated.

When I get some time this weekend I’ll update the code to work with V3.  Only a year after V3 debuted…