I like ArcGIS 10

A large number of the hits on my website come from keywords that aren’t the most flattering to Esri.  But, today, for the first time in the brief history of my little blog I had a very unique keyword that generated a hit…

“I like arcgis 10”

Yes, it is true.  Someone went to Google and typed “I like arcgis 10” and they found their way to my blog.  Here is the visual proof:

Now, I do actually like ArcGIS 10 (especially the collapsible panels!) even though I’ve had a bear of a time with SDE performance this week.  But, the team I’m working with is processing, loading, and analyzing hundreds of gigabytes of raster data so I can kind of understand…SO, if anyone has any tips on how to improve speed of writing very large raster data sets to ArcSDE please let me know!

Only a few more days until my trek to the UC!