Google Map V3 WMS Transparency Slider!

Gavin, from sent me a note the other day about some work he did in regards to developing a transparency slider for Google Maps V3:

“I’ve created a transparency slider control that works with Google Maps API V3, if there’s enough demand I’ll take some time and extract it from my code to publish as a nice neat example so others can use it too. See it in action at use the “contact” tab there to get in touch if you’re interested.”

The transparency slider works perfectly and the slider bar fits well into the layout of the page.  I hope to take Gavin’s work and create a stand alone example sometime over the next few days.  In the meantime check out if you have some free time!

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5 Replies to “Google Map V3 WMS Transparency Slider!”

  1. Excellent work, I liked it the moment I saw it. But I wonder – is there a way to make the base map itself transparent? This is pretty simple to do with OpenLayers, but I can’t figure out a way how to do it with Google.

    I need to dim the map (either by making it transparent so that it would blend with a black div underneath, or by hiding it behind a transparent layer). Setting transparency with CSS is not an option, since I want the markers and map controls to stay well visible.

  2. I tried to use the Google Maps V3 transparency slider to change the opacity of WMS-Layers I’ve loaded with the method described here on the site. I’m new to google coding and I don’t get it to work. The slider displays, but I don’t get it applied to my WMS-Layer.
    You can see the site at:
    How can I apply the slider to the overlaying WMS-Layer?

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