Boston Bruins Live Tweets Map

With the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since when everybody in hockey had mullets, I thought I would take a look at what the geographic reaction was to this series on Twitter.   With today’s pivotal game five and the series tied at 2-2 (after the Bruins gave up a three goal lead!) the series returns Boston and the Bruins need a win.

I am interested in the amount of buzz or reaction in the two competing cities, mainly do tweeters in Tampa even care about the Lightining, even though they won a Stanley Cup in 2004?    The buzz and excitement in Boston has been pretty intense.  Being an original six team that hasn’t done much in the playoffs in close to twenty years, this city is ready for a return to the Stanley Cup finals.

Using the Twitter Maps Bing Map application you can easily map keywords or hashtags. With that in mind, what do the tweets for #Bruins look like in the Boston region? Well, as you could imagine they are numerous and people are hopefully pumped for today’s game:

Now, when searching for TBLightning (the official twitter handle for the Lightning), the number of tweets is can be found mostly in Florida:

When using the NHL’s official hash tag for this series, #BOSTBL, the distribution of tweets, in my opinion, favors Bruins country:

Check out the Bing Twitter mapping application yourself. There are plenty of other keywords that you could map to get a feel of what is happing on the social interwebs!


Lets go Bruins!