Sunday Geo-Notes

It’s summertime and I’m not blogging or twittering as much.  Typical.  But, it’s Sunday morning and before I head out to the garden I wanted to share these few items:

  • I’m doing a lot of geo-analysis using MSSQL Server lately and as I tweeted, the spatial index can be the key to a fast query.  However, the spatial index is sometimes tricky to understand.  Check out the “The Black Art Of Spatial Index Tuning In SQL Server” for a good overview of SQL’s spatial indexing.  For other spatial SQL inspiration check out Bob Beauchemin’s blog.
  • Speaking of analysis, the folks at Somerville’e ResiStat, who I am a fan of, did a nice geo-analysis, actually using some real statistics, not just what they saw from Google Earth, to debunk  a “study” of equating tree coverage to income in Somerville, MA.
  • There is an Avid Geo meet-up this coming Thursday (7/19).  If you are a Boston based geo-pro or geo-nerd you should check out the group!
  • The biggest geo-news of the week, GeoIQ being bought by Esri, gota lot of people talking.  Some positive, some not-so-positive.  I just hope the talented folks at GeoIQ are given room to do their own thing and bring positive innovations to Esri’s product line.  Sometimes when the little guy is bought out by the big guy their ideas and creativity may languish in the corporate culture.  I hope this doesn’t happen to them.
  • The Esri UC festivities start at the end of this coming week with the ed and business summit kicking things off.  I’ll be heading out with a few of my coworkers and meeting up with some old grad school friends for the full UC.  Like last year, I’ll be focusing on the analysis presentation tracks.  I hope to see something about speeding up large geo-analyses.  I’ll touch on improving performance in my talk, but I want to see what others are doing, as everyone now-a-days is using huge datasets (whatever happened to the sample?).

Until next time, check out my twitter feed @GISDoctor.  I almost have a 100 followers!!!!!!!!!  Only 11M+ more followers until I catch Ashton Kutcher…