One Reply to “And the #OSM Momentum Continues”

  1. Hello Ben,
    I am an accountant for Truckers.

    I have a website where Drivers login every week or so and essentially enter:


    along with other info, which at this point, is irrelevant.

    I need a geospatial person like yourself develop a report for me that gives me the following info on a quarterly basis with this raw info:
    Miles between each location,
    Total Miles traveled within each state
    The two Totals should, logically, be equal.

    It would require some coordination with my web developer to ensure that data in the format correct is passed to this new function.

    An Excel developer can give me an Excel app that will produce the info I need, but it requires the intermediate steps of working with Excel.
    Like everyone else in the world, I just want to “hit a button”.

    Does this sound like something you would be willing to work on or know of anyone else who would help me based on my small budget $400-$600?

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