Blogs for Wannabe GIS Programmers (like me)

Anyone who knows me and works with me on a regular basis knows that I am not a developer.  I am a geographer who develops code for visualization and analysis applications that will hopefully work.  In our line of work knowing how to write and understand code is critical and on my quest to become a better programmer I am continuously searching for the next resource to add to my collection of how-to guides and programming resources.  Some of my favorite resources are spatially focused programming blogs.  Usually the bloggers are facing the same problems I am dealing with and they are using jargon that I understand.  These two factors make it much easier to follow their examples and ideas.

Here are three blogs (from people who know what they are doing) that I follow (do people still follow blogs, or is that so 2007?) and have referenced in my quest to improve my marginal programming skills(clear overuse of () in a sentence).  Check these blogs out when you get the chance:

GeoChalkboard – A number of Esri javascripting posts, which is great for me, since I am doing a lot of that type of work lately.  Also, professional courses are made available through the site.

Guerilla GIS – I’ve referenced this blog before, mostly because I like two things about it.  The variety of code examples and the GIS snark.

odoenet – A number of GIS programming examples, along with a number of tips a tricks.  For those of you new to GIS programming  should check out the two blog posts about simplifying GIS development in ArcGIS.  Not a bad read.  Also, this post is very true.

I know there are many more blogs like this out on the interwebs.  If you know of one or have a favorite spatial programming resource post it in the comments section!