Open Job – Senior Software Engineer – GIS / SQL Spatial Application / C# – Boston, MA

AIR Worldwide, based in the Back Bay section of Boston, Massachusetts is advertising an open position for a GIS/SQL spatial software engineer.  The position requires 3-5 years experience in software development and strong base of GIS and GIScience skills.  AIR develops natural catastrophe modeling software (a lot of spatial analysis) that is used by a variety of insurance companies, financial institutions and governments to help them understand their risk from natural catastrophes.

Are you a developer with some serious GIS chops, or a GIS pro with some serious programming chops?  Looking for a job in Boston?  Would you like to work with a scientists, engineers, programmers, analysts and others on  a variety of interesting projects? Then I would recommend you check this job out!

FYI, this is a shameless plug