Avid Geo September Meet-Up! [UPDATE!]

Avid Geo September Meet-Up is coming up this week. Check it out…

September #AvidGeo Meetup

Thursday, Sep 20, 2012, 6:30 PM

Applied Geographics, Inc.
24 School Street Boston, MA

9 Members Went

Join The Geo FunIt’s time for a another great AvidGeo meetup of people who like to talk projections, google maps, Open Street Maps, and more. Please come join the fun and share this event with friends in your community at work or school.We are going to crowd source the needs of this meeting. So you are all potential organizers. Please help us put…

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And, again, I can’t make it. Why am I always busy on the third Thursday of the month…

UPDATE – Guido Stein, leader of the Avid Geo group, sent out an update about this month’s meet-up:

Just wanted to give you a heads up that the meeting is coming up on Thursday and we are going to be hosted by the wonderful people at Applied Geographics also know to me as my company.

This month Lars will be giving us a little demo on basic OSM editing and I will be sharing a little python code for data for geometric manipulation.

We will be trying to record and push this meeting onto youtube at the avidgeo to share the meeting with the rest of the world…

Want more info?  Check out (and join) the Avid Geo meet-up group.