I’m Back!

It has been a long time since I put GISDoctor.com into sleep mode. I haven’t posted anything here since 2014 and I have actually culled material from the site.

I did this for a couple reasons.  I was busy with life and I wasn’t all that excited about GIS. Things got a little stale for me. I was bored. I was having a little bit of a early-career crisis in my early 30s.

Professionally, my job has been excellent.  I am challenged with new problems everyday. But at the same time, the field of GIS wasn’t as awe inspiring for me as it was five or ten years ago (yes, I am old enough to say I have been doing this for over 10 years). So, I spent the past 18 months or so doing other stuff and not GIS blogging.

It was a great 18 months.

I’ve spent over a year being a content consumer.  I want to be a creator and contributor again.  I plan on posting with some relative frequency, tackling various technical and non-technical geo-topics – some short form and some long form.  I am not going to write exclusively about GIS, but rather the larger, more exciting geo-space.  There are so many amazing things happening right now across the geo-spectrum.  There are more people who consume maps, geospatial data and analysis, and location technology than ever before.  But, I see a big gap in the our space.  There are a relatively small number of people like me, the hardcore technical geo-nerd, but there countless casual geo-enthusiasts.  I hope to write about topics that the hardcore technical geo-nerds will appreciate and that casual geo-enthusiasts will understand and find interesting.   It’s probably a lofty goal, but I am up for the challenge.

It feels good to be back.