Learning Code Made Easy!

I am a big supporter of GIS professionals becoming more technically proficient, keeping their skills relevant to avoid becoming a GIS dinosaurs.  One of the easiest ways for GIS pros to stay ahead of the curve is to keep learning and improving their technical skill set.

A new(ish) tool that is making the rounds throughout the interwebs this week is Codeacademy.  They provide free lessons on how to write and understand code, all through their website.  I’ve signed up and will be trying it out this weekend.

The current set of courses is for JavaScripting, a language that is very relevant to the GIS profession.  Some of my friends and coworkers have signed up and they have had positive reviews so far.

So, GIS professional,  who is looking to improve their skill set to impress their boss, here is your chance.  Signing up and getting started is easy.  Before you know it you’ll get the hang of coding and will be writing your own applications!  And the best part…it is FREE!

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