Sunday Morning Geo-Fun

Why is it that the only time I have to blog is on Sunday mornings?  Here are a few quick geo-items that tickled my fancy from the previous week.

  • Check out the article, The New Cartographers: OpenStreetMap’s World Takeover, from Carl Franzen at Talking Points Memo.  The first two parts of this story have been tweeted a lot this last week and I can see why.  The article provides a fairly good overview of OSM, including some background on the project, the nuances of licensing OSM data, and adoption in the tech industry.  Part three of the article comes out on Sunday.  Makes me feel good about calling 2012 the year of OSM.
  • Years ago I used to pump out Google Map Mash-Ups on a regular basis, some of which were developed during my time at the Map and Geographic Center at the University of Connecticut.  Well, after nearly two years one of those mash-ups got some press!  Check out the article in the Atlantic, Pre-Sprawl Aerial Images:’Next Best Thing to a Time Machine. The article discusses the dual-map mash-up that I developed for the On the Line Project that is used to compare the drastic changes in Connecticut’s landscape using current and historical aerial photography.  Pretty cool.
  • The guys at Google’s NC data center, which just got the indoors street view treatment, definitely Rickrolled streetview (Check out the image on the screens, also, why didn’t they blur out Rick Astley’s face too?).
  • Brian Flood has been doing a lot of great things for the online mapping and spatial data communities for a while now.  This video and post on the MapBox blog is the latest example.  Using Arc2Earth Sync to integrate with MapBox and ArcGIS appears smooth and simple.  Awesome.  There is a lot of great work happening in “spatial” and it’s only going to make what we do as geo-professionals better.
  • Speaking of MapBox, when does Esri try to scoop them up (if they haven’t already), like they just did with GeoLoqi?
  • Avid Geo Boston had their October meet-up this past week.  The video is here. Since I am a horrible member and missed the meet-up for the third straight month I cannot comment on the talks, but I’m sure everyone had a good time.
  • Avid Geo will be hosting their wildly successful annual Ignite Spatial event on November 14th at the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard.  Tickets are available here, and they are currently looking for presenters.
  • Don’t forget to take the totally unscientific ArcGIS 10.1 survey!
  • Finally, I’ll be updating some pages on my site this week, including the blogs page and some of the mash-ups.
  • As always, follow me on twitter @GISDoctor, and hopefully I’ll blog more this week.  I have tons of ideas!