Geo Ideas I Want to See More of in 2013

I recently wrote about the geo-terms I wanted to retire in 2013.  However, there are a few topics I want more of in 2013.  The term I want to see more of in 2013 is “open” and here is what I was thinking…

Open Source –  The open geo-software community had a great 2012.  I really see this momentum continuing to grow in 2013.  The key to continued adoption (beyond great software, easy to use platforms, and continued innovation)? Get open geo-software into academia.  The more undergrads who learn GIS on Quantum, GRASS, PostGIS and the rest, the more this movement will continue to expand.

OpenStreetmap – Recently Openstreetmap hit 1 million users.  As a somewhat semi-regular contributor I see great promise in OSM but OSM can’t end up like Wikipedia, which is losing editors and contributors.  OSM can never be completed, and the army of volunteers will hopefully see that.  I should probably do some mapping this weekend!

Open Analysis – I would love to see the the geo-community become more open with analysis. This could include sharing analysis techniques, working together to develop new analyses, or helping the world understand geospatial analysis.  A map is far more than the visualization of the abstraction of space. Let’s start promoting the science of the understanding of patterns in space!

Hoorary open geography! Hooray 2013!